Renting Movies in The Android Market

If this morning Google announced that movies could be rented directly on Youtube, it was us know if you would native application for Android. And has been to wait few hours to find out, have confirmed it in the Google I/o.

We see movies in streaming from your PC browser or with the Movies app for tablets and smartphones. It has an interface type library that shows the covers of all the titles that we rented, as well as our personal videos and – of course – a shortcut to the movie rental store. Continue reading “Renting Movies in The Android Market”

Google Goggles 1.4, Now Write Down and Share Your Searches

We started the week with another application from Google that is updated with new features. If last week Google Maps and Google Earth updating now it does its application of recognition of images and texts Google Goggles receiving important improvements and features. Continue reading “Google Goggles 1.4, Now Write Down and Share Your Searches”

Google Earth 2.0 for Android Is Optimized for Tablets

If yesterday Google updated its application on Android, Google Maps, Star today makes it with Google Earth What happens to your version 2.0, where is optimized for tablets with Android Honeycomb, where it is takes more advantage to the larger screen size and thanks to the power of the tablets are added new features that bring closer it to the PC version. Continue reading “Google Earth 2.0 for Android Is Optimized for Tablets”

Google Maps 5.4.0 for Android, You Can Now Check Your Searches in Your Web History

It seems that Google will update its application star the first week of each month. Since February he has been adding new features in Google Maps on every first week of the month. Let us hope that this rate does not stop and continue updating it. Continue reading “Google Maps 5.4.0 for Android, You Can Now Check Your Searches in Your Web History”

Official Application of The Google I/O 2011 Mobile and Tablets Android

Less than one week left to Google I/O, the annual Conference that performs Google about their technologies: Android, App Engine, Chrome, Google APIs, etc… Like last year, they have prepared an application on Android with content-oriented attendees to the Conference and to those who will try to follow it via streaming to not miss anything what happens there. Continue reading “Official Application of The Google I/O 2011 Mobile and Tablets Android”

GAppsLauncher, a Widget for Master Them All

It is said that Google is going after world domination, true or not, that looks set to dominate all the Google Apps for mobile It is this curious and useful widget that gathers all the available applications from Google, I speak of gAppsLauncher. At first seems simple and obvious, but for those who are all day hanging around with the big G applications, gives us a great respite. Continue reading “GAppsLauncher, a Widget for Master Them All”

10.2 Flash Is Updated and Confirmed an Imminent Update of Honeycomb

A few hours ago that the player’s Adobe Flash 10.2 has been updated via Android Market. The new version which is available is Flash Player v. and it brings several improvements, especially in the field of acceleration hardware for tablets, the video quality and the management of content within the system. Continue reading “10.2 Flash Is Updated and Confirmed an Imminent Update of Honeycomb”

How to Wear Jeans Vest?


The jeans trend was a burst in the 1980s, as were jeans jackets and looks all jeans. The denim jackets appear repaginated and super cool , the must have of the moment that you can not help but have in your wardrobe to complement a stripped down look and fashion. The denim jacket or vest denim is versatile and cool, they can compose different looks on several occasions. Continue reading “How to Wear Jeans Vest?”

ASUS Zenfone

The Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has presented among other things the ZenFone 2 of the public within the framework of this year’s CES 2015 in Las Vegas. This is the world’s first Smartphone with full 4 GB memory under the hood-white also to convince the remaining hardware and software features of the ZenFone 2. According to ASUS, the Smartphone from March of this year in the trade will be available. Continue reading “ASUS Zenfone”

Smart Watches for Sports Are Featured from Garmin

Vívoactive, Phoenix 3, and Forerunner 225 are smartwaches facing those who practise sports. The Garmin releases at Eletrolar 2015 have several functions that other intelligent watches do not have: as water resistance to more than 50 meters of immersion and specific information on various types of activities. In addition to price far higher than competitors, such as Smartwatch 3 or LG urbane. Continue reading “Smart Watches for Sports Are Featured from Garmin”

The Nokia 5230 and the Mac

Existing connectivity difficulties-nevertheless good mobile phone
The Nokia 5230 was already presented in the CyberBloc , but what I was missing were a few words to the Mac. Finally, the best mobile phone (for me personally contract-free, affordable and equipped with GPS) nothing if I can synonymous synonymous my address book and the dates synonymous. With the “Nokia Map Loader” and the “Nokia Multimedia Transfer”, Nokia already offers two Mac programs. At least with the latter, the Nokia N73 was easy to use, iSync also worked. Why should I have thought about it that it should not work with a newer mobile phone? Continue reading “The Nokia 5230 and the Mac”

The 10 Cheapest and Best Countries to Go Backpacking

Traveling does not have to be expensive! Backpacking trips are a way to see the world in a more economical and fun way.

Backpacking trips are one of the most fun and economical ways to travel around the world. It is always easier to travel with the minimum baggage in the backpack and it is not at all bad to stay in cheap places, especially if you are a student or simply can not afford a luxury destination. If you think you have to be rich to travel, it is not true. If you have a tight budget you will not go to luxury hotels, okay, but that’s not the purpose of traveling. The purpose of traveling is really to see the world and have unforgettable experiences. Therefore, being a backpacker is one of the best ways to do it. Here’s a list of 10 cheap countries to tour, so start planning your next trip right now.

Continue reading “The 10 Cheapest and Best Countries to Go Backpacking”

Homemade Decoration for the Christmas Trees

Soon we are back and we pick up the Christmas decorations from the cellar. If it’s a long time for some fresh wind, then we have something for you today: 3 different ideas for homemade decoration for the Christmas tree.

Homemade Decoration for the Christmas Trees – 3 Different Christmas Trees Trailers Self-Made

We are big fans of home-made decoration for the Christmas tree, mainly because we can decorate the tree quite independently of trends according to our own taste. For you we have brought three different Christmas tree trailer ideas: Christmas stars made of yarn and cardboard, simple trailers in black and white and a funny idea for snowmen from LED lights. Continue reading “Homemade Decoration for the Christmas Trees”

Find North with the Compass Map

One of the best things in life is surfing! The days at sea are lightweight, quiet and much safer when it has a nautical quality material. One of the main tools of any browser worth its salt is the compass. In this sense, the best alternative is the Compass Map. Made of high quality materials, it is ideal for those who like to enjoy your hobby of safely, minimizing complications. Continue reading “Find North with the Compass Map”

Home Decorating Trends

Natural elements, organic shapes and objects that bring out emotional memories are among the trends.

The main 2017-2018 home decor trends were revealed through CASACOR São Paulo. The event, which reaches your 31the issue, presents the latest developments in the field of Interior design, architecture and landscaping. Check out!

From 23 May to 23 July, will open doors to CASACOR receive visitors in São Paulo. The show is themed “focus on the essential” and has 69 designed environments by great professionals. Continue reading “Home Decorating Trends”

5 Original Advertising T-shirts

Original advertising t-shirts are those that will be able to capture the attention of users who use them, but beyond that of those who see them. It is important to choose both the design and the quality of the garments to obtain a durable yet attractive t-shirts. Continue reading “5 Original Advertising T-shirts”