01 Feb 5 Styling Rules for the Color Pink

How to wear pink without looking like a Barbie.

Do you like pink? Or rose-colored glasses put on happy times? Probably you have noticed already:for this spring, the designers have again many colors of soft pink tones to bold Fuchsia on the runways of Paris and New York shown. Thus, it is clear what is blossom us this spring/summer.

Pink, purple, Fuchsia, magenta, Cyclam

I like pink, because thus it acts very present, fresh, vibrant and self-confident, but it can be understood as clothing color quickly something provocative and tussihaft. They say Pink is the» provocative sister «Rosa: in the unpopularity scale of colors, Pink is ranked clearly pretty high up, it doesn’t matter whether men or women.»

Is pink girl?

If you are wondering how you can combine pink without looking like a Barbie, my 5 tips to help you, because I tell you what you should keep in mind and how you can make mistakes never according to hartselleclothing.

5 styling rules for the color pink, so that you do not like a Barbie look like.

1 pink may not snug.

Clothing in this color, which is tight, fast cheap looks for. I advise therefore of skimpy tops and mini-skirts. Wide and casual items such as shirts, sweaters or long pants and skirts are more suitable. They look much casual and modern.

2. combine unusually pink!

The pink style break, so prefer a sporty sneaker, rough leather belt and accessories should combine cool backpacks. High heels and small pouch are not suitable.

3. take only a part in pink!

When you don’t want to belong to those that want to stand out, take only a little pink in your outfit E.g. by a scarf, a chain, pink sandals and a striped shirt.

4. straight and male sections

Pink looks the coolest in masculine cuts out, just not typical female are angular shapes like just-cut Blazers and narrow trousers or wide oversize coats.

5. pink and other colours

Classic combination partner of PINKS are not just black and white.
Also olive as earthy green tone (in which one rather thinks of military), makes an exciting and unusual look, such as the classic parka with the pink sweater in combination with bright pink.
Grey being peaceful and neutral base color pink makes business suitable for especially if it’s a lighter, milder Pinkerton.
Very stylish and female acts in combination with camel. So, for example a camelfarbiger cloak over the pink blouse can be very adult.

Pink for men:

Men can wear pink of course, should be to definitely Mediterranean types tanned with dark hair and also very male. A pink polo shirt has combined it as somewhat easier, especially in the summer with blue chinos. Here is a charming inspirations.