10 Covers for Bike Z Play for Different Price Ranges

After purchasing a new phone, the ideal is to find a cover to protect it from possible falls, scratches or even sneezing of water, depending on the model. If your smartphone of choice was the latest model of the bike, equipped with the Android system, have compiled a list of 10 covers for Bike Z Play. In different price ranges, the following items must meet different demands when the issue is protection or even an increase in visual. Check below!

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1. Default Skin

The cheaper model and basic cover for your smartphone. Available in various colors, this case is made of TPU, being flexible while providing basic protection to prevent falls. It’s worth mentioning that the use of the cover does not interfere with the handling of the device, since it was created with the dimensions of the cell phone in mind. The default skin of Moto Z can be purchased in the range of R $9.99.

2. D-Case Gorilla Shield

A brand known for extra protection that offer smartphone models from different companies. That kind of security–which includes certification in military testing of resistance to fall–greatly increases the price of the cover. On the other hand, is one of the best options for the more clumsy. The D-Case Gorilla Shield is only available in black color and is sold in the range of R $79.99.

3. Transparent Case + Film Kit

An option of default skin TPU–similar to the first item in the list—with the additional of a film of glass, used to protect the screen according to Petsinclude. Both offer basic protection and do not have extra features, being one of the covers for Bike Z cheaper Play list. The kit can be purchased in the range of R $14.99.

4. Cover Wallet

A Cape in portfolio format to Molto Z Play made in synthetic leather. In addition to protecting the smartphone, the cover has a compartment to carry cards, ideal for place cards that use most in your day to day. Another possibility is to use the cover as a kind of support on flat surfaces, such as tables, which can be used for watching videos, for example.

The cover wallet for the Bike Z Play can be bought with price around R $34.99.

5. Waterproof Case

While the Gorilla Case offers great protection against falls, the purpose of this case is to allow the user to use the smartphone in places such as swimming pools, seas and rivers, covering the appliance fully. Still allows the use of the touch screen to control the phone, although in most cases the accuracy of touch compromised. This case is available at stores with values in the range of R $14.99.

6. Bike Style Shell Mod

One of the covers for Bike Z Play created by the company itself, the Moto Style uses a modern technology of magnets to attach the cover to the unit. In addition to protecting the appliance with the technology mentioned it is possible to change the cover of your smartphone with ease. It is worth noting that it has its own warranty and support, since it is an official product. The bike Style Shell Mod is available in Brazil at R $99.00.

7. Transparent Cover For Bike Z Play

For those who do not intend to place a hood to keep the smartphone “ugly”, the transparent cover is a good solution. She uses the TPU as material, as well as the standard covers, but your transparency allows to continue to protect the cell phone from scratches and falls without sacrificing the original style of the Moto Z Play. You can find it in shops with prices that revolve around the R $9.99.

8. Speck GrandyShell Grip Case

Unavailable in the country, the Speck GrandyShell Grip Case is ideal for those who leave the phone frequently. Considering the metallic surface of the Moto X Play, which can become slippery, relief in rubber stripes give utmost firmness to whoever is holding. Also has extra protection in a manner similar to the Gorilla Shield and reinforced edges.

9. Incipio Co-Molded Bumper Case

A Cape blend extra protection without sacrificing style or add too much weight to the device, the Bumper Case from Incipio has reinforced edges to protect the cell. She is also compatible with the Bike Mods, i.e. not blocking the use of mods in the Moto Z Play. Overall, it’s a cover that balances well protection and style.

10. Yaker Rugged Case

Perfect for those who take the phone with you on adventures – like hiking, biking and rappelling, Yaker Rugged Case offers one of the best protections between the covers for Bike Z Play listed here. As your purpose is to keep your smartphone safe in hazardous terrain, he provides two layers of protection. The belt is made of a type of highly hardened plastic, while the interior is lined by TPU, in order to give more flexibility in use. There is also a little support on the back.