1×1 of the Suitcase Pack

The biggest problem on holiday or abroad is generally caused by unforeseen events, which can only be difficult or impossible to get by the distance to one’s own property.

This starts with annoying little things like the missing the favorite shirt, which was still in the dryer at home, while the suitcases were packed and ends in worst scenarios, like a forgetting of the new PIN code.

It may seem ridiculous, so many of the service providers around the journey are also dedicated to the 1×1 of the suitcase pack.Checklists, special consultations for “worst cases” and various advice. There are also articles with “no na-effects” and a lack of added value.

Here are gathered those areas, which one as a kind checklist at least one should fly, before one travels. Ideally it would be natural if each person gets his own list handed out and checks. For the other to think about this kind of planning is usually inadequate.


Here, the following disadvantages are possible if you forget certain documents at home. Consequences of accident, illness, loss of documents or cash and similarly bad scenarios are best cushioned if one sticks strictly to the following list. The following keywords are to be checked separately for each traveling person.

Vaccination and allergy pass

Bank, credit, prepaid card

The codes should be noted for security and their place of storage separate from the cards should be known to a fellow traveler. One must also expect that a person can be temporarily ill or is not fully capable of action after an accident.

Cash also in the form of foreign currency

Cards or certificates for sick and/or supplementary insurance

Other cards or certificates from helpful memberships such as the ADAC

driving licenses

Passports or identity cards (caution-not always the latter)

reservation confirmations

List of necessary and helpful telephone numbers, these should be found by any fellow travelers at any time. In any case, the next consular representation of the home country must be determined and the contact possibilities and times should be noted.

Route planners or pre-prepared travel descriptions with facilities at gas stations and catering and relaxation centers such as hotels and guesthouses. Traveling with your own car requires, of course, exact planning, while the flight is only the hand luggage separately to plan.

In the case of pet pets, the EU passport and the necessary entry confirmation to the respective country of destination.Caution: even private landlords or beach owners can request the submission of certain documents. A “spitroute race” around internationally approved airboxes should start one month before – mere markings as “airworthy” say nothing about it.


Once the most serious drawbacks have been averted from the lack of documentation, attention must be paid to the body. A travel apothecary is to be gathered in a timely manner, which, in addition to the individual and general requirements, must also be addressed to the destination.

Sundae or sprays, with disinfecting properties is the basis for minor injuries. Also pavement and a bandage roll belongs to this prophylaxis.

Anti-sun lotion, after sun lotion and, of course, good protective creams protect against intense radiation.

Ointments of various nature as against strains and burns

Insect repellents, anti-itching agents

Fever thermometers should always be handy for families

Of course the personal medicine

Small analysis of the destination: What particular risks or characteristics appear as a source of danger? Sharp food or preparatory mitigation in cats should also be thought through here. What helps at home is also included in the boat.

Some people react to locomotion with digestive difficulties in both directions-preferring to make provision, so that one can also feel comfortable.

Body Care & Care

The fulfillment of hygienic needs is in the nearest place, according to safety, which dominates above. Whether an adequate replacement is available on site is not always assured. But even then, many things tend to be used to favorite favorite brands and are therefore reluctant to risk – a razor in a village in the Congo could not contradict the everyday habits, while in a big city today probably the favorite brand would be available.

Disinfectants-preferably in the form of a spray. After all, the best hotel facility can not guarantee whether the new cleaning staff did not use the same cloth for the toilet and fittings.

Ladies’ hygiene articles should always be handy – just on vacation. Sometimes altered climatic conditions even lead to shifts in the hormonal balance and thus to the period.


Facial, hair and body care

Special needs such as contact lenses and care, cleaning tablets for the “third parties” etc.

shaving kits

Hair drier and hairbrushes

Pocket or hygienic towels and/or cotton pads

Dental Care Products

Clothing & Accessories

The comfortable and elegant parts of shoes and clothing should be available on every trip

Weatherproof garments

Special features at the destination eyeglasses? Consider, for example, visiting religious sites or other typical codexes on the spot

Underwear and underwear

Head covers at hot destinations

House and bathing shoes

Accessories include belts and ties

Bathing clothes and bathrobe

Individual Needs

Here, examples can be the most inspiring way to think – it is important to look at them from the perspective of each fellow traveler. Caution: Children and dogs should not be forgotten.

Eyeglasses including sunglasses

Cameras, smartphones, chargers, SIM and memory cards, on-the-go mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and their accessories

Could special apps help with holiday design?

alarm clock

Favorite animal of the small or quadruped

Password list for various types of online accounts


Needle and twine

safety pins


Make-up, nail polish and jewelry

Belly, bath and various bags

Bowl for water and forage and an empty bottle for filling during the trip

writing utensils


Dog brands must be worn to protect his animal. In addition, a small bag with the address and telephone number of the accommodation should be attached.

What is added to this list can only increase the comfort. Essential things are ideally captured. But the suitcase alone is no longer enough in the digital age.

This is why a variety of workflows are added, which also ensure smooth arrivals when returning home and do not have any causal consequences.

Switch off main water, heating and gas

E-Office assistant?

Switch off the E devices

Secure windows and doors

Cancel the newspaper-otherwise burglars will be lured

Store important data in the e-mailbox in order to access it at all times

A trusted person to entrust the data of the accommodation

Looking at this amount of detail, it becomes clear when you have to start with it: the sooner, the better! But in this way one saves really unpleasant stress. And a calm, well planned preparation leads to increased anticipation.


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