2 K-Videos: Ultrakam App Jiving That iPhone – 5 S Camera on

Higher resolution video recordings as the default app is the iPhone 5 s possible: thanks to the Ultrakam app you can record from now 2K-Videos with a frame rate of up to 24 frames per second. Owner of weaker iPhone models and iPads but not need to look in the tube.

The application supports the iPhone models iPhone 5 and 5c, as well as the iPad mini and iPad with retina display, reports engadget. With these Apple devices, the Ultrakam app provides only recordings in HD quality, or but 2K-Aufnahmen with only 20 frames per second.

2 K-Videos Require Much Space on the iPhone 5 S

The high quality has its price: iPhone 5 s three gigabytes are needed for a one-minute video in the highest quality on the space. Also slow motion shots are possible in high quality, and also this on the iPhone 5 s best work: instead of the otherwise possible 60 images per second, Apple’s top model creates even 120 frames per second. An additional remote app of the producer of Ultrakam also recorded iPhone have an another iPhone remote control. Some filters and other settings for the own videos can be made therein. Both apps are available in the German app store to download for a fee.