2016 Winter Collection of Puramania

The summer not just but retailers are already buying the winter collection to leave the macaws of the shops stuffed with all the fashion trends! In December I did a post with the first part of the winter collection, to give hand and retailers already are preparing to shop and we who news first hand, I know what’s going to happen to nice in the fashion world in a few months!!

Today I will present the second stage of the winter collection, this collection was inspires us snow warriors! It is time to abandon old habits to break paradigms and get back to our essence. Running away is no longer an option, I’m afraid free us all trying to tame our rebellious nature, strong and authentic. Snow warriors are heroes and modern epics, protect their nature, seeking adventures and conquests in a glacial setting. In this world, what matters is the search for the new and the balance between man and the environment.

The clothes feature quality and durability, being composed of male and female Collections. For those who do not know she has her own laundry which is the largest in Latin America. In addition, the team is composed of professionals in the world in offbeat fashion with that thorough research about what’s being released, on each station and she brings in a review of the current fashion, being adapted of course to the climate and our culture.

Who represents clothes in AC, AM, MT and MS is the Surani Representations, which caters to retailers according to your needs always showing first hand all that trend. There you will find options for all styles, sizes and ages. Then the hint, for those who want quality, personalized service and great taste, must meet the Bittranslators.com, that brings to you, all that is best in the fashion business.

So that’s it, it’s not because it’s cold you have to stay in your pajamas all day and not dumped in the couch, look beautiful and stylish with the new collection. I made a video to show more than the looks of the new collection. Are you ready?!