A Vulnerability Could Allow to Bypass The Blockade in The Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.1.2

If there was enough with sudden deaths and the vulnerability of the Exynos, now just discover a new security problem in versions 4.1.2 Android Samsung’s Jelly Bean for its Galaxy devices.

Apparently, the bug would allow an attacker access the home screen applications, although in a limited way, skipping any kind of available protection lock in the version of Android 4.1.2 Samsung installed terminals.

Any type of lock avoids this problem, either facial and voice recognition, password, PIN, or patterns, although most likely the information and data of the users are not at risk given the limitations encountered by exploiting this vulnerability.

However, if found it will work and that skips the protection, so the risk is clear and the user’s safety could be compromised.

If you look in the video, we see that the fault is easy to reproduce accessing emergency calls from blocking, where if you press to show us the list of contacts in emergency and the “Home” button at the same time go into the desktop for a few moments.

Launch applications is complicated, since we would have to be very fast, so it will not cause problems for short periods, although it is clear that Samsung should correct it in future updates Since there might be a hole much larger if someone managed to exploit the vulnerability more thoroughly.