All the Versatility of the Bodys and Swimsuits

The swimsuit came roaring back this summer not only on the beach, but in all segments. Thanks to your versatility, the play has ceased to be used only in the summer to be an indispensable item in wardrobe of ladies.

As well as the bikinis, swimsuit won unusual cutouts and striking colors. By overvalue the silhouette, is perfect for the classic Center stretched. Just combine with a nifty play, like high-waisted skirts or pants, shorts and even blazers. For those who do not give up the jeans, the tip parts is to choose a colorful swimsuit.

I loved the release of Mining Designer Solli, who took that idea of swimsuits models super comfortable and stylish for the summer 2015. Combined with pants, for example, can make good on a casual party or a good ballad.

Another versatile piece that can not miss in the closet of the fashionista in the summer is the body. With beach footprint, the item is shown out on a daily basis or raze in the Club, depending on theproduction. Other than the swimsuit, the body has a zipper at the bottom, in addition to presenting knitted versions, velvet and transparency.

To keep the air part retro, the trick is to combine it with high-waisted models.

The PMG Mining Designer Lingerie brings items options that can be used with shorts, skirts or pants. And who thinks long sleeve does not go with summer, the brand shows that they can, Yes, live in harmony. The model of long sleeve and neckline in the back brings elegance to the look.