Android is Most Used System to Provide Check-in on Foursquare and Similar

ComScore research firm released a study (conducted in March) for the use of check-in sites like Foursquare our dear, made by Americans. Right away, the company found that nearly 1 in 5 smartphone owners accessing this type of service to tell the world where they are (except me, which has not yet adopted the FS or similar).

The Android is the most used system in devices who is keen to inform its geographical location, with 36.6% market share in total user; the Apple appears in second place (33.7%), followed by the kidney (22%).

For general sadness of fans Nokia, Symbian appears an almost expressionless position, as groups only 1.2% of people who use check-in services in the cell. FAIL.

By comScore figures, 7.1% of mobile users access to geographic location services. When we are talking only of smartphones, this percentage rises to 17.6%. That is, anyone who has a smartphone tends to use more Facebook Places, Gowalla and the like, than that poor devil with a feature phone in hand.

Interestingly, women are the majority among the total users mobile accessing check-in services. However, men lead when specifically cite smartphones (53.9%). Do men use more smartphone? The survey does not give more information on this subject.

Foursquare and the like are mainly used by young adults, that group includes people aged between 18 and 34 years. 23.3% of all users check-in sites are students, while others 53.3% provide service to any company full time.

Bill of desire with companies should invest in integration with these services. According to comScore reports, nearly a third of users accessed websites sales (retail) in their cell. When it comes to advertising, once again check-in users are beautiful: 40% of them recall seeing mobile advertising, whether on the web or any app at least once a month.

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