As Influencing Our Clothes Christmas Rituals

Although many are a little skeptical to these themes, we can not deny that once we have fallen to the temptation to make them and even use any garment or amulet, and more in these holiday times. In which we see everywhere such things accessible to every pocket. Who has not heard stories or suggestions, ranging from our well-known specialists in esoteric subjects. All kinds of ritual is good provided you do it with faith, depending on your beliefs and traditions.

And it is that over the centuries mankind has exploited the power of the same make them, whether Summoners of health, love, luck and fortune. By which our clothes and image could not be the meaning, that is why I propose some of the most popular and ancient, magical recipes so that you receive the year full of blessings and magic.

* Start with the underwear which can be found in many colors and meanings; as the pink color that some say is lucky and others for fertility, the highly recommended yellow towards all those who want money, red one of the most requested amounting to attract love and passion, not to mention the blue which corresponds to health. Just keep in mind some restrictions that are counted, and that it is better to use it the other way around, but when it comes the new year you put it on the right side, also said that if they give it to you, it is much better according to INSURANCEJUST.COM.

* If you like to travel this is the best, stroll in suitcases after the twelve chimes, it is one of the most common to attract travel and good luck. What is it? After providing and eat your 12 grapes take some luggage and go walking down the street.

I will tell you a great trick that very few apply, it is very important that if you do, you prepare very well your suitcase with the right clothes according to the site you want to visit, as if you were actually to travel for example: If you want to travel abroad do not forget to get your Passport, if it is Beach don’t forget swimsuit and, if choose snow a good coat and scarf do not forget you.

* Money on clothing or footwear, are some of the most used to have economic prosperity. You must distribute it in different parts of your clothes also can put a coin or ticket in your shoe so do not miss you the money. Another good option is to wear golden color that symbolizes wealth.

* Change of clothes as a couple; According to tradition, it strengthens and the relationship. If you have some problems will dissolve, something to share and thus their destinies will be joined throughout the year.

* New clothes. It is said that if premieres something next year not you missing clothes, so don’t forget to buy any clothing to dismiss the 2013.

* What colors used in our garments for the holidays? For starters I’ll tell you which are the most suitable according to their meanings.

  • Green symbolizes hope, as well as the nature and life. You can take a shelter in this colour, also a good clutch (handbag) is ideal.
  • Our beloved red what represents fire and blood, as well as the love and generosity. You can use it where you want from a super glamorous cocktail dress, to a sweater and you will be fabulous.
  • Gold tone indicates prosperity and wealth. East is one of the colors more players ever, that’s its great versatility, take it from a jacket to a stiletto heel of infarction.
  • White brings peace, evokes purity, health, faith, and lighting. A good choice is to use it in a shirt or a blazer combined with some other color.
  • Violet is that transmutes all negative into positive, for being a wonderful channel was the highest spiritual and mental. What could be better than a layer or even a hat.
  • Silver is the color of the Moon, since it balances and harmonizes helping clean inside. The best takeaway in our accessories or such on leather trousers.