Baboom: This is the New Name of the Service That Kim Dotcom Wants to Launch to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Kim Dotcom opened Mega Leadership hand last week to take care of your legal problems and leverage other ventures. One of them we already know: the “revolutionary” online platform music Megabox, that from now be called baboom.

The information comes from an interview given by Kim himself to TorrentFreak, which subsequently confirmed via Twitter. “I’m really excited about the baboom. I can not wait to see what the artists will create. Your entire career can be managed by baboom. Artists have never had so much freedom, transparency and control,” says the eccentric entrepreneur.

Kim Dotcom also revealed that the project already has 22 developers and a comprehensive list of artists “top” interested in the service that will be offered with both free and paid for subscriptions. Nevertheless, there is no release date: Kim only said that the baboom appear within a few months.

But if there is no effective change in relation to what was already promised to the Megabox, why the name change? The decision is due to the fact that the previous name refer directly to the deceased MegaUpload and all his dramatic story.

On the eve of the launch of Mega, some record companies have pressured TV channels and New Zealand radio stations so that they do not veiculassem announcements about the new service, for example, an action that Kim Dotcom interpreted as a clear attempt to boycott.

The new name would help avoid situations like this, as well as reduce the risk of legal problems, since the Megabox designation existed since the time of MegaUpload. Why, if the baboom has the mission to be quite profitable (perhaps the most profitable of the current developments of Dotcom), great care is.

And care is precisely the watchword for Kim. The businessman is under probation in New Zealand since January 2012 and has since been fighting to prevent his extradition to the United States, this is shaping up as one of the reasons of his resignation to the direction of Mega , as reported at the beginning of the post.

The creation of a political party in New Zealand is also among his plans, an action that is part of their defense strategy, probably: if you can take some political office in the country, handed over to the US authorities will become much more difficult. If this happens, how “mega” will be the ambition of this intrepid German?