Balmain Homme, Things Season Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

Clement Chabernaud It has been the model chosen to give shape to the lookbook of season Balmain Homme offered as an appetizer for the Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. A lookbook is full of trends that are easily assimilated the new premises must have of the season and becomes a clear back at the beginnings of the maison with light modernist touches. A collection in which the dark colors do not get to turn off the essence of the season and in which the military look splashed with vintage reminiscences or oversized fashion are some of the surnames that we can give to the collection in full.

Let us take a look to reel off more carefully what Balmain us offers for this season that will take little to inaugurate.

The first feature to note in view of the images is the return of animal hair as a decorative motif in your clothes. The lining of sheep skin or fur synthetic emulating Arctic foxes are just some of the hallmarks of the collection.

A timeless trend of the winter than to dive in the trendy après-ski, us teleports to the less warm places. Undoubtedly one of the trends that most are copied over the next months, but few as Balmain will be able to structure around a collection.

The color nor wanted to skimp on their outfits. While the darker tones are for main collection garments such as the trenches of military court, in marine tones, with oversized and measures high buttons that remind the raincoats of the Navy (and any) than other Lanvin for the previous season…

… the more acidic notes to the electric blue or the Green files they are not something that shortage. In the balance is the key and as we have previously said autumn does not have to be the earthly paradise of the earthy and the nude. Lesser extent can continue to accept chromatic explosions without going to the color block.

The military aesthetics mixes perfectly with the style retro-vintage, which is reflected in the old boots in the collection, the details of their raincoats (in shades of gold, blue and red), the naval military buttons or ageing treatment of their pants in which a stone wash replaces the broken and gradients.

The oversized trend as we have said, not just materialized is in the trench with its maxi necks lapel and those cuts below the knees, but scarves or hats also bets for the double and triple turns around the neck giving one fireplace with the contrasting appearance some plain design their finest jerseys or their shirts.

Finally, the presence of the Denim in the collection, that clearly breathes sport and jovial touches everywhere, it is relegated to the shirts (which are many) and as it is obvious the Cowboys in the collection, where the greys and blacks are more dominant than blue. Here if it is true that the winter has entered in its fullness, and leaving aside the total look spring Denim.