Bargain!! Jacket Superdry Premium Biker Only 149.95 Euros. 57% Discount

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I’ve been looking at several fashion magazines, and I was surprised that one of the items of this year are leather jackets. Therefore, that State looking for a good price, and at the official store of Superdry on eBay model has appeared Superdry Premium Biker at less than half price, for only 149.95 euros.

According to thedressexplorer, the jacket is one of the top this season, and can be combined with pants, skirts and even dresses. In particular, this model is black, Longsleeve and zip that is diagonal. It is biker type and incorporates a lot of details like the front pockets, zipper sleeves or shoulder straps. It is made of premium leather and has red lining, made of 100% polyester. In addition, we have the perfect time to wear it, because you can put it every day over a shirt or t-shirt, a jacket and even upon a sweatshirt, a style that is also the latest in trends this season.

Of course, the shipping is free, and if you pay with PayPal, and welcome you to theirbuyer protection program also will return, since within its advantages include up to a total of 12 returns to the free year.

If we talk about what you save when you buy it at this price, I’ll tell you that, neither more nor less than 57%, since their recommended retail price, which is that you can see on the official website of Superdry is 349.95 euros. You save $ 200!

The stock is somewhat limited, something that you should keep in mind if you liked this article, so you should not perhaps much delay your decision.