BlackBerry’s Browser Is Clearly the Fastest

BlackBerry customers now have something to cheer about, the built-in browser is faster than nearest competitor classes.

Now have BlackBerrys for once fans something to cheer about in a test that takes as its starting point a little over 16 million Web page views, was crowned BlackBerry’s browser to be the fastest, even with an incredibly convincing margin.

Historically, BlackBerry had a fairly lousy browser, it wanted Canadians to change with BlackBerry 10, and it has apparently succeeded.

The company New Relic has analyzed more than 16.8 million views of Web pages from October to November last year. BlackBerry 10 units I’ve downloaded a page at 1.55 seconds on average and the second-fastest browser Opera Mini was 4.2 as needed 4.78 seconds. So should BlackBerrys browser be three times as fast as its nearest competitor.

Apple’s Safari browser for iPad came in in third place. The remaining results can be seen on an info graphic here.