Chinese Receive R $ 2.5000 for Denouncing Pornography

A Chinese student received a premium equivalent to R $ 2,500 for having denounced 32 pornographic sites to the Chinese authorities.

The award is part of a government program that encourages Internet users to search for and report pornographic websites. In the first month of the campaign, more than 60 000 sites were reported.

The student, unidentified, claims that pornography negatively affected their performance in school.

“In the past, when I was in high school, I used to have good grades enough to get into a good university. It was the influence of pornography on the internet that I could only get into a vocational school”

China maintains a censorship very rigid the internet – in a system known as “The Great Firewall of China”, a pun on the name of the Great Wall in English – and in 2009 arrested more than 5,000 people in actions to curb pornography on the Internet. [AFP]