Delays in HTC One Damaging Outcomes Financial, Improvement with on February

It is not that we want to go see the economic evolution of each company every month, but HTC is special and we find it interesting to bring out when there are significant changes, in this case positive.

The Taiwanese company has had in March sales of $ 530 million, representing one 40% increase in February. It is also true that the month of February was especially bad (384 billion), the worst in three years.

Increased painted well, but do not launch campaigns to the flight, since it was easy to improve in February, and compared to the same period of the previous year, have some sales 50% lower, which is interpreted as the worst downturn in the comparison from year to year from October 2012.

In a nutshell, rescuers in the financial results for the first quarter of HTC, can not expect numbers although the trend appears positive, after the negative future that we predicted the previous month.

From Reuters running that HTC is going to close its first quarter with the lowest profit in its history, $ 2.8 million, 98% less than the same period of the year 2012.

Delays in HTC One, output the First HTC

We will see to see how you feel to the market the arrival of the first phone, Facebook, HTC First, or run in last weeks of the Super HTC One, who has not been able to push too due to delays.

The original plan was the to have the HTC One in eight countries in March, to stay ahead of Samsung Galaxy S4 and get good numbers in the first quarter, but has only managed to have it ready in three markets. Until the end of April you are not really in all the important markets.

Bloomberg blames for delays to the new camera implemented, developed exclusively for HTC in a few spins components suppliers have not been able to meet.