Diana Floor Lamp to Wrongdoer Aspect

The design of lamps follow some general patterns depending on the type of lamp that is. Generally all foot lamps have a similar structure, the ceiling lamps too, such as sconces, etc.

Because what we see today is a floor lamp with an offending design that breaks with the established clichés to this type of lamps. This floor lamp is based on the structure of an Office lamp, creating in the spectator an amazing effect and broadcasting personality and freshness.

Starting from traditional Office lamp, floor lamp Diana win height, becoming a genuine XXL table lamp that radiates color and innovation for decoration.

Both your structure as your aluminum lamp can be found in different colors. Its dimensions are 130 cm, 230 cm in height and 150 mm in length. Here you will find more information about the Diana floor lamp.

But that’s not all, because the Diana lamp is completed with a collection which is composed with two more amazing chandeliers, with a decorative and colorful Office model ringtones very industrial, and a wall model that, besides being beautiful is especially versatile, since your arm will allow us to direct the light to wherever we want.

If you want more info on the original lamp Diana, you will find it at remzfamily.com, but if you want to know more about the practical Diana Wall lamp, ideal for a reading nook, you will find this another link.