Dior Blue Tie Collection Fall 2011 – Dior Blue Tie Evening Essentials Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips

The absolute highlight of the upcoming autumn collection “Blue Tie” by Dior (appears on August 19) which is probably “Diornight range” (at least it will be abbreviated as everywhere, you can see the full name in the heading). It is available in two colors “Smoking Blue” and “Tuxedo white”. The latter consists largely of silvery tones and therefore not as “dramatic” works like the dark, nachtblaue range. I have discovered the “Tuxedo white” palette on still no blog so far, however, there is at least a promo image and others at → KarlaSugar.

The motto of the collection is a set, the Christian Dior once said:

“The only color that can maybe compete with black is midnight blue.”

And this set fits perfectly to this range.

The packaging:
The range comes in a silver reflective plastic stand on the contents and ingredients, product name, etc.. No paper is in the range – so you get no suggestions on how you can use each color. I think not bad, I wanted to have mentioned only because I’m otherwise used. 🙂

The range itself is located – as usual – in a dark blue velvet pouch.

The content:
The range includes 5.5 g product (eye shadow and lip gloss).
An official shelf life is indicated only for the eye shadow – 6 months. For the lip gloss I would recommend about the same time – but both can be significantly longer, so I take no responsibility for the statement.
The price of this range is very high 69,-€, – for that you get a real piece of luxury!

Ingredients according to packaging:

The product:
The range is beautiful and is difficult to handle. She has punched the typical Dior quilted pattern on the front as well as on the back. The light shines them silver and mirrors – just a true luxury product.
The design of the range was inspired by the noble cigarette cases of “then”.

Also the eyeshadow have punched up the quilt pattern – it looks very classy. The lip gloss is located under a small door with engraved Dior logo.
Two Appliaktoren with a double-sided Schaumapplikator and one that has a small brush on the one hand, is Schaumapplikator on the other are -.

Three of the four colors are in dark blue tones, one of them is a smoky silver tone that Shimmers beautifully. Two of the shades of blue the blue tone are matt with a satin Sheen, especially top right. Below left is a very dark, almost black shade of blue, which contains silver glitter particles. In the pots, these particles are very large, they are applied but fine.

The lip gloss is in the pots very strongly pigmented – applied he is however only nude is otherwise quite a hint of pink on the lips.
These small bubbles, which are located on the surface, are no sign that anything is bad – they disappear in the first order.

Swatches on the inner side of the forearm:

The wearing comfort of the glosses is nothing special – it is pleasantly sticky, glossy feel. However, the ink transfer is barely visible at my lips. Really just a delicate touch of pink.

Ink transfer/opacity:
The color is very schwarch without base with the blue tones. To achieve this result for the swatches, I had to take a lot of product. Only the silver shimmering tone is very buttery and also highly pigmented – on behalf of fantastic. To achieve a beautiful opacity for the other colors, you should absolutely use a creamy base – possibly a coloured, black or blue base.
Otherwise a second option which moisten the brush colors to apply moist – to do so would be best with fixing spray (never the Eyeshadows!).

Example-make-up with the palette (that slipped the color in the crease, jumbo pencil – “Black Bean” is located on the bad base, I had to hand – NYX)
There are more photos of → here.

My conclusion:
I became a huge fan of the range. Could I get them to test, I would probably not later than on the day of release before the shelves are and drool.

The eye shadows are beautiful and until on the lack pigmentation without base (which anyway does not go to me in question – without base, without me!) you can conjure up many beautiful evening makeup so. For daytime the range through the dark colors is nothing more except to use them only selectively, but the range is marked as “Evening Essentials” anyway.
The shades of blue are compressed rather bad tight, but can be processed anyway on the eyelid. The smoky silver tone, however, is an absolute flagship eyeshadow and glorious!

The gloss is nothing special – in my case rather unnecessarily, because you can hardly see the color, he leaves only a gloss of gloss on the lips. This fits but super to the eyeshadow, because the eyes are enough stresses, there to stay like to discreetly at the lips.
What here but I especially like, is that the gloss in the palette is covered – so can not eyeshadow crumbs (which did not occur) fall into the gloss and pollute (and reduce thus the durability!).
On the other hand, the use of glosses is unhygienic, because one must – use your fingers unless you take a lip brush into the hands. For on the road so not quite as great.

The applicators are what is once again unnecessary to me, but that can be good, if you “want to erase small errors in the eyeshadow”. So actually quite practical. Still I expect at a price of €69,-actually what more luxurious to apply as Schaumapplikatoren.

Otherwise, the range is a beautiful part of luxury, with which you can make-up great make-up, and that is also good on the dressing table.

My recommendation goes to people who are looking for something classic for the evening and are willing to invest more money. You pay here not only for the eye shadow and the gloss, but somehow for the high-quality range and the name with.
If you want a bit of luxury, is very well served with this palette and with the beautiful shades of Midnight blue anyway. Unless one has not the right eye color to do so. Maybe then yes that is “Tuxedo white” palette map.

A slightly longer and very bilderreiche review, but the product has definitely earned the effort.

I’m curious, what do you say to the range!
So far I have now often heard that many find boring the collection and also impractical, since not everyone is midnight blue. On the one hand to understand, on the other hand you should consider that Dior is a very classic brand, which in addition also likely has an older clientele with an appropriate purse. I find the collection beautifully chosen and very luxurious, especially for the evening. You must of course decide whether you want to spend the money and since I can understand absolutely that some people are not willing to shell out so much money. The collection is always nice and definitely it makes what visually here!

Personally it irritates me just that little arg firmly pressed the eyeshadow and a ‘difficult’ pigmentation. Unfortunately I have already more often read/seen. But as I said – a base does help! Although it should go at the price even without.