Ebay Finds: Amida Digitrend-Glass Clock

In the context of today’s Finds-Friday I want to imagine a small feature: the Windows clock.Specifically, it is the vintage clock Amida Digitrend. On ebay, just two go away. So I figured I give short it you. And of course I have picked out some more watches for these Finds Friday (ebay affiliate link) you.

But in turn: If you don’t know the find Friday-here along to the first output and some explanations.

And who wants to-I won’t read OK too. Here goes directly to the collected Watch tips (ebay affiliate link).

The finds:

Back to the Amida Digitrend. That it is no everyday watch, you can see immediately:

I bought the watch that you see here about a year ago at a Hamburg stock exchange watch. Recently I was at a presentation by MB & F, where they showed me among others the model HM5, A great watch. And as I was told, strongly inspired by the Amida Digitrend. Unfortunately, the HM5 costs but also several ten thousand euros… So was I, was the occasion when I saw this clock at a good price (under $500) on the said stock market watch. For comparison: for these watches are in forums sometimes called-and probably also paid 700-800 euro. The two Amidas, who go away just on ebay, still below 300 euros at present. Who so speaks to the design of this vintage watch, has good chances to a halfway reasonable price to get. And so often you no longer find these watches. However, it must be said: the design is great-but not necessarily involves the significant watch. The same is true for the fairly simple work (17 stone).

For more information, tips and pictures of this clock can be found at crazywatches.pl.

But now, what’s so special about this disc watch? Now, this interesting structure of the work-and a Prism:

Looking at the photo above, becomes clear pretty quickly why the Amida Digitrend is one of the so-called slices watches. And the aforementioned Prism in the Interior of the enclosure (see here) has the task of visually “to divert the reversed digits in a 90 degree angle” and to display correctly in the display of the watch. The principle is similar to that of a U boat periscope. (More also here ).)

The side designed time display aimed at by the way a better reading of the time while driving. Therefore, this watch is also the epithet car or race car driver-watch.

Of course, there are still dozens more interesting designs and concepts in terms of slices watches. Those who are interested here are a few more on ebay (affiliate link).

But now to the other watches of today’s finds Friday:

There are this time, in addition to the two Amidas, a no less exceptional Golden Mido LED clock.Three vintage watches Enicar (from 174 EUR), an Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 at a currently still quite reasonable price (well below 1000 Euro), a cheap Dugena in retro design and pillow case (95 euro, quartz), a rather rare Chronosport from Helmut Sinn and a master anchor chronograph with Valjoux 7750. who design sounds familiar… Could this watch as “poor man BB´s Orfina Porsche Design” describe 😉

So far the current tip. Here again the link to the Find Friday (ebay affiliate link)

Remains only the obligatory note – please read!

Have fun browsing!

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Addendum: A few months after this article, also Fratellowatches has taken up the Amida Digitrend as issue. The colleagues had always been a good taste-go to the article.