Everything For the Climbing At Mctrek Outdoor Sports

At McTREK you will find everything related to the in – and outdoor climbing. Of functional clothing on backup devices up to climbing ropes, and much more!

Climbing and climbing sports

Climbing is more than just a sport, climbing means for most: passion! In addition to the physical exercise, there are also the mental challenges of climbing, which pull the lovers of climbing year after year in rope gardens, climbing halls and outdoor walls. In addition to balance, skill, even the social component of climbing in the foreground is strength and body control for many climbers. In the climbing Trek or climbing partners it’s also on reliability and trust! Not only the one scrambling, but also the partner who ensures that must have full concentration, to protect themselves and their companions.

Who climbs must also properly can assess their own abilities and at the same time fully on his climbing partner, and more importantly, its equipment can rely on.

Therefore is also that first what beginners should perform the case exercise. It serves to confidence in the cable, the power handling of the harness and the partner the novices of the climbing just given. Only who can abandon yourself fearlessly in the rope lifeline, should begin gradually to climb routes with different difficulty garden then slowly but steadily continue to move up the borders.

Climbing sports apparel and equipment at McTREK

In the outdoor sports online assortment of McTREK you find everything what’s necessary, around the climbing! Functional clothing shape-adapted by ropes, karabiners, harnesses and shoes, helmets to clamping wedges, climbing axes and crampons for your climbing activities on the mountain.

Whether as a Freeclimber, top rope, in – or outdoor rock climbing, in our McTREK Oudtoor sports on-line you will find an extensive range of climbing equipment and accessories. Only when choosing your climbing partner, we can not help you!

McTREK indoor climbing guide

You are looking for new challenges away from already proven climbing routes or do you dare a first introduction to the sport of climbing as a novice, then visit our McTREK indoor climbing guide, there you get quick and easy an overview of climbing halls and outdoor routes in your area.