First Impressions of The NEC Socks W, Gift, One Piece of Phone

Despite the fact that NEC is known by his computer accessories in the Spanish market, in Japan it has some market by offering smartphones differentiated from the rest of the market. This is the case of the NEC socks W, a foldable smartphone with two LCD screens that you already talked about some time ago and which offers some very interesting results.

The great asset of the NEC W averages are its two screens that form a phablet to peel off and a smartphone when folded. When using it the only discomfort that we can find is that the screen is divided, but is not something that prevents a pleasant user experience, because one has just become accustomed over time.

But that initially it can be a hassle, well used can provide functionality not seen in other phones. Thanks to a dedicated button we can use two applications at the same time if we are terminal format vertical and deployed, can see at the same time two social networks, two pages, or any combination that you can think of us.

Even using two applications at the same time are not noticed large delays or anything like that. The concept is certainly very interesting, but doesn’t seem to be for a market such as the European, even though they might have some clients who will choose it if you have the opportunity to.

Taking advantage of the visit to the booth of NEC, we want to try the official smartphone of One Piece. There’s not much to tell, but it is striking to be peculiar. It is not overly powerful, it has medium range capabilities but offers a few decorations based on the manga men to their fans who will be what most are looking for when it comes to deciding on this phone.