Gmail Releases Preview Pane in Labs

The Google introduced a different way to view messages in Gmail. Instead of clicking on the subject of the email and see the conversation (thread in the terminology in English) take page account, the user gets the option to view the e-mail list and the currently open message on the same screen. The feature was released through Gmail Labs, the webmail area for trials (look for Preview Pane).

Those readers our site who have used Outlook know what I’m talking about. With the display panel horizontal, the area where normally the Gmail displays the message list is divided into two. At the top of the message list keeps popping up as before. At the bottom, the content of the selected email is displayed. If there is more than one email that thread, all are displayed.

The panel display vertically reminded me of Hotmail in its latest interface – another Microsoft product, such as Outlook. In this view mode, the Gmail screen is divided vertically into three groups: the first with the traditional menu, the second with the messages, and the third displaying the contents of the selected email (from left to right).

The vertical viewing should interest more to those who have a higher – resolution monitor. Messages are scattered on the screen, satisfying the user who invested in equipment with an aspect ratio widescreen.

Both views show the People widget on the right wing with information about contacts involved in thread and (of course) a space for advertising text.

After activating the display panel, the area of ​​your Gmail settings displays an item with options to mark the message read after a certain period of time. “After 3 seconds” is marked for everyone, but the user can switch to “immediately”, “after 1 second” or “never.”

Although accustomed to the standard interface Gmail, I believe in giving a chance to view with horizontal panel. It’s an interesting way to display my Inbox, even for personal email, which does not receive a flood of new messages every day (unlike corporate email).