Goodbye Hipster, Hello Normcore!

Be anti “cool” is the most “COOL”!

You may already have heard the term Normcore or you probably desconozcas it, but I tell you that one of the trends stronger in NYC, London, Paris and in areas is more “trendy” of Latin American capitals.

To the Normcore you don’t look “cool” or “in” and tries to differentiate itself from those who want to highlight or call attention and this leads to the normcore to propose a more authentic attire and choose to be “equal” to the rest of society that it does not want to emphasize by how it looks.

Being Normcore is trying to fit into society instead of Excel and be a walking beacon of excessive fashion. We have spent so much time trying to be different and to shine for what we are, that there is really a collective psychological exhaustion because strive daily for the last decade.

This movement has been hanging around for years, but it is not until now that big brands are realizing that youth no longer wants to be different to everyone and is taking it to the runway as we saw in Chanel this year and even in the shops soon.

The basic t-shirts, jeans from simple cut, sports shoes, oversize garments, socks with sandals, sportswear, sweatshirts, all this can be defined in the Normcore style and away from what we have been socially accepting as “cool”, ironically to use all this become a milestone of fashion in any city in which you live.

Then we can say that being Normcore is not highlight the rest, use free brand visible things. The Normcore used brands such as Gap, Zara, Adidas, New Balance, Nike, among other similar brands.

You will be a little confusing at first to understand all of this from the Normcore but everything is that unlike that a person who wears “normal” way to which is dressed as a Normcore, is that the second is someone who actually learn about the fashion world, but simulates have made a basic choice of style… All this sits under the same basis that they coincided with the Hipsters, which was trying to be against fashion, but doing this was entirely to fashion.

This style in particular is to me, apart from the comfortable, super trendy and original, and there is nothing better than being fashionable feeling comfortable.

Then you dare to adopt this style or you’re trying to be “different” to everyone?