Gundotra Promises Spectacular Chambers in The Next Nexus

Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering at Google and head of areas such as the family of Nexus, He has participated in a debate on the quality of the cameras Smartphones in this series, to which it has remedied unable to be at the height of the cameras integrated in other terminals.

The discussion has taken place in an article on Google + which has made it clear that although the quality of the camera in the Nexus 4 has improved with regard to the of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the sensor integrated into the latest smartphones Google still unable to compete with those of other mobile art competition.

Although Google has worked hard on improving the application to capture photos in Android and click Add features of interest (albeit for some rather anecdotal) as the PhotoSphere, it is clear that these improvements in software they must also accompany you improvements in hardware.

Is in this sense that Gundotra is snapped, that in a comment on that article has indicated the following:

“We are committed to make that Nexus phones cameras are incredibly good. Wait and see.”

You can that that rumored Motorola X be the first really giving the chest do in this section. Let us hope so, especially taking into account the relevance of the quality of the cameras in smartphones has become in recent years.