H & M and Conscious Collection: Ibizan Fashion Make Act of Presence in Summer

Seems to be that H & M still committed by the capsule collections for its new season and not is doing nothing wrong. But far from trying your luck with the themes, has decided to take a step further and try the style-collection, which is the same as the previous ones except that the distinctive creative line is a style in particular and not a idea (for example, a capsule navy collection). And in summer since then that we have two very clear things: carrying the blue and carrying white. That we then decide to put together them or separate them is another story which I have already spoken in Mensencia.

For this reason, Conscious Collection aims to cover the Moda This summer with the most pure and nuclear as the undisputed protagonist white, as are linen and cotton which make of all items something much lighter, fresh and in addition in the case of flax in extra detail of the wrinkle that the shirt is always a decorative point to bear in mind (wrinkle is beautiful remember).

Shirts and t-shirts bakers, neck mao, with pockets and ideals to bring open, propose that we conjuntemos them with pants of the same colour to create frescoes total white looks that are fairly in line with temperature and good weather that makes time.

For more special occasions have of course a collection of pants and shoes in the same tone, as well as a few blazers that also combine perfectly with t-shirts and shirts in the collection. Even accessories such as hats or belts to accommodate this. An option for those that have to do with an Ibizan outfit at the last minute and at good price for one of the multiple parties that begin to emerge here soon.

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