HTC Butterfly S in Images. a Second Version in The Oven

What you see in the pictures is a HTC Butterfly S, a phone designed for some Asian markets, but that it is possible to see the light by our territory, with another name. In fact, it is very important to know about it, since the original Butterfly opened the way to the latest generation of HTC phones.

This time we are not facing a terminal to get to revolutionize the market with any specification – the first did it with its Full HD screen, – a phone that share hardware with the HTC One, but it is intended to be a more affordable model.

How? The body of the device is constructed of plastic, with a previous design language. Apparently equal: five-inch Full HD, camera Ultrapixel, BoomSound speakers, Sense5/BlinkFeed, or chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 screen.

He is expected to be presented on June 19, and although it has all the earmarks that will not leave Asia, would not be bad a somewhat cheaper variant of the ship the Taiwanese House logo. I think HTC is more for the work bring an HTC One Max, with 5.9 screen in inches, or a Mini One HTC, 4.3 inch, with which is has been rumored weeks.

HTC Butterfly 2 before end of the year

According to recent IDC reports in Japan, HTC has done something that was not expected in the industry: sell more smartphones than Samsung. It is precisely in this country where the original Butterfly, possibly also the variant S that we present, was released and already tell us that there is a second version in preparation.

With the intention of giving performance to the success of its latest high-end terminals – it’s about time that began to run -, HTC is going to release the Butterfly S on June 19, and for the fourth quarter of the year will have ready a Butterfly 2.

What can we expect? Sure, growth of the screen up to the 5.5 inch, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and the one new version of Android, which will already be on the street for those dates. If the thing is still as usual, this terminal will be the basis for the renewal of HTC One.