HTC Declares Its Commitment to Windows Phone and Promises New Terminals

“We are totally committed to our bet for Windows Phone. We are collaborating with Microsoft for a future release this year”.

While HTC is not passing a good run, the company has taken advantage of the MWC for defend the agreement which has Windows Phone 8, as well as to confirm that, despite the results of the past few quarters, it still has this operating system for the future.

Tai Ito, Vice President Global product of HTC, has also recognized that Windows Phone 8 is not working in the market all the well that was expected, but they are willing to give time and to continue working to make this change. It goes even further and confirms a new release for this year, although they do not give many details on the.

Could it be a big screen terminal? It seems that no, since HTC discards almost this possibility even though, according to the company, would love to them. A terminal similar to the HTC One with WP8? Also out of the question, since they say from HTC be taking a different approach.

For now, and until they see in what materialize these statements, the only terminals with Windows Phone 8 that has made HTC remain the “8 HTC X”: and the “HTC 8S”:, presented both a final last year. Will we soon see a third brother in the family?