HTC Has Its Best Month in Sales from June 2012, Thanks to HTC One

HTC has released their monthly sales for may and it seems that the thing paints better than expected. Compared with April, 2013, – $ 967 million – sales have increased by 48%, and nearly 100% if compared to March this year. We have the best HTC month since June of last year, but we should do a fair comparison with the month of may, 2012, where sales are still a 3% higher than.

We understand that improvement comes from the hand of the good performance of the HTC One in the market, which has passed its initial production problems and has begun to distribute at best rate in major markets. In this period has also been fiasco, like the First HTC, although here we believe that spending is set with the Facebook social network.

Interpreting the positive factor has been the HTC One, we appreciate that because of its delays, he has performed in the market next to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its powerful marketing campaign, which clearly is the worst opponent that could be found. It seems that he has left the contest airy.

There is nothing official about specific figures, a few days ago it was shared that five million units had been sold.

The hope is the trend to follow in June to get best quarterly results than expected, giving face security to investors. It is hoped that I will continue with the strong advocacy, and the arrival of new terminals in the catalogue that you can take advantage of the good image that is generating HTC One.

What is expected? As a model of medium-high range with features of HTC One, known internally as M4, or later the arrival a phablet, known as T6. We do not believe that the new Desire are interesting models to revitalize HTC.