Interface “Facebook Style” Twitter is Official

Remember that interface which refers to services like Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ that Twitter went testing in February this year? If, as the present writer, you find that the company would not take the idea forward, know that this new look began to be implemented today (08) and come to all accounts in the coming weeks.

In common with the current layout, the new interface has only the upper horizontal bar. In the rest, what a difference: a cover on top similar to that adopted by Google+ and Facebook, profile numbers (number of followers, tweets and the like) just below and better use of screen space using three columns instead of two.

The left column shows a picture of higher profile then the user description and your photo archive or videos. The trending topics have been moved to the right column, so the suggestions profiles to follow.

In the central column and which are tweets that, unlike style “cards” tested on February remain displayed linearly. The advantage is that the images and videos that accompany the messages are now displayed much more prominent.

There are also functional innovations: with the new interface, the user can set certain tweets at the top of your timeline, have messages with greater engagement appearing more prominently in your account, and you can select what type of content to view the profiles you visit – only tweets with photos and videos, for example.

It is undoubtedly the most radical change of Twitter since its inception. The more traditional users will probably wonder or disapprove the new interface, but the fact is that the service really needs an aggressive stance to remain relevant: A survey published last month-end shows that the number of inactive profiles on Twitter is growing gradually, the same as the average of tweets per user is falling.

The highlight the photos and videos as well as the giant cover on top of the new interface can help Twiter winning new users, especially younger ones, which tend to be more active in social networks.

If the idea will work, just waiting to find out. At least Twitter followed with the habit of not implementing change at a time, which should help in the last adjustments, make the most assiduous users become accustomed gradually to the idea and, if appropriate, give the new standard affecting as little users as possible.

Accounts created on Twitter from today you will have the new interface. Among the existing profiles, implementation will be progressive, with only one “seletíssimo” group receiving the news today, including @gilbertogil (Gilberto Gil), @flotus (Michelle Obama) and @weezer (Band Weezer). Some non-rich and famous users were also chosen to be part of the early adopters and already received.

It is worth noting that the new interface affects only the Web version. Twitter’s official apps are still as they were, at least for now.