iTunes Radio Now Ready for Apple’s Australian Customers

Apple has begun the international rollout of their Spotify competitor starting in Australia.

Since Apple last year introduced the world press for iOS 7, they also had a new “iTunes Radio”-functionclear in “Music” app, but only to the U.S. customers in the first place.

iTunes Radio works broadly, as you know it from Spotify and other similar music services. This means that you can stream free music from various radio channels and music from iTunes. You have, of course, the opportunity to knit radio channels together based on genre, artist or other.

As a starting point will appear in advertisements in the service, unless you already subscribe to Apple’s “iTunes Match” service. The idea is of course not surprising that “iTunes Match” should help customers to discover new music, which they then can easily buy through iTunes.

The tech giant has now officially announced that “iTunes Radio” is ready for Australian customers, who can now benefit from more than 100 different radio channels combined with the amazing selection in iTunes. It writes in an Apple press release.

In this communication, we find, unfortunately, no hints of their upcoming plans for deployment, but we will not put our hopes up for, it’s our turn next time.