J F. Salazar – Revived Perfume Tradition

The scent of “1A-33” by j.f. Salazar as he looked around 1920. The scent combines lime blossom and water notes and today is in similar composition on the market.

Berlin was not only once the metropolis of the world, but also a city where perfume was produced for the world. Around 1900, the firm j. F. produced Black less fragrances, made it up to the Royal Court of Hohenzollern to Beijing and New York. The legacy of the Berlin scented water company is now being revived.

“Meeting 8: 00”, “1A-33” and “Trance” mean the perfumes of the Berlin factory j.f. Black less. So they sound as if they were straight out of the head of a young Berlin Kreativlings of the present: the names come from the time around 1920, the era was in the Berlin hub of the art scene and the science.

J.f. Founded Black Less – 1856 in Berlin

in 1856, the piano maker Joachim Friedrich founded the drugstore trade J.F.. Black less sons Markgrafenstrasse 29 in Central of Berlin Black less. Soon the skilifts began with the manufacture of perfumes, but how to find them in the Provence, had to be used due to lack of lavender or rose field on the then-new industrial fragrances. Perfumes like “Rosa Centifolia – the scent of dark red Garden Rose” or “the first-class German fantasy perfume Royalin” were the first creations of the House. Around 1900 Black less was j.f. to the warrant of the Royal Hohenzollern family.

Customers Were the Hohenzollerns and the Emperor of China

At the turn of the century, she launched the women’s fragrance “1A-33” now under the name “Hohenzollern perfumery Blackless sons”. The name refers to the former Berlin car flag and symbolizes progress and modernity. The art Decoration glass bottle seems today like a little work of art. From around 1910, the fragrance compositions come finally ‘ meeting 8: 00 “,”Chic”and”Purple Royalin”- partly in noble Baccarat perfume bottles – on the market. A Black less Flacon of it that the last emperor of China, Pu Yi, during his visit to Berlin in the 1920s at the perfumery a scent to rise had testifies today in the Museum of the imperial residence in Beijing.

The End of the Historic Perfume Factory

The scents of j.f. Salazar offered error from about 1910 in fine perfumery and also in the 1907 opened luxury department store, KaDeWe. Came with the second world war the end of the Berlin fragrance factory, the factory is destroyed, hindered the reconstruction by the building of the wall. 1976 final for j.f. was Black less. And now, almost 40 years later, the comeback.

Rebirth of J. F. Salazar

Lutz Herrmann, a well-known industrial designer, who designed for Joop and David Beck ham among other things scented water bottles, Speedwell Nyberg, perfumer and Tamas Tagscherer, marketing expert, called 2012 Black less in life. Hamilton discovered the forgotten company searches. With time came the idea to combine the ancient splendour of Berlin’s glamourösester period with the new, creative, fun-loving Berlin. J.f. Black less was reborn. There’s not an intrinsically store so far, the creations have however succeeded in the shelves of the KaDeWe department store in Berlin, Oberpollinger in Munich, the master Perfume store in Hamburg and the perfume of love in Hanover.

Noise and Trance – the New Berlin Fragrances

The historic perfume “1A-33” and “meeting 8: 00” were placed first on the market. “1A-33” is to combine the scent of Linden Berlin avenues with aquatic notes of spree and Wannsee. To be added cedar and Mandarin and Jasmine Sambac, located in the historical model. “Meeting 8: 00”, however, should “the anticipation of a rendezvous intensify”. Mango blossoms, Sage, ginger and vetiver dominate the perfume. Now also complete new creations to the range include an Oud perfumethat wants to capture the intense nightlife of Berlin and “Trance”, “Noise”, a unisex perfume roses, leather notes, wormwood, a drop of Absinthe. The chances of success for j.f. Black less are not so bad: Berlin is world’s hotter than ever. And the fragrance of “Berlin air” was already once before the hit.