Jolla’s “The Other Half”-Cover Now Sold Seperately

Now owners of Jolla mobile opportunity to buy any of the cool covers, using NFC, change on more than just the back.

The unique “The Other Half”-back cover for Jolla phones, provides the user with a unique way to personalize content on the cell phone, as it in itself contains an NFC chip. This means that you can automatically change the ringtone, wallpaper image and more, simply by fitting the cover.

But until now it has not been possible to buy extra covers seperately. Jolla is now selling “The Other Half” colours of Keira Black and Aloe. It writes our site.

You will not be turned on by either black or turquoise, then you can only hope that other developers have had an eye on the special developer kit, which the company has released. Engadget reports that the kit was composed of 3D-printer file, software, instructions and the technical requirements needed for other developers can make their own.

The 2 covers, sold for the equivalent of $ 200, will be expected well delivered within Europe at approximately 2-3 weeks. “The Other Half” can be ordered from Jollas website here.