Legion Loads Mobile Meters Up to 92 Per Cent Faster

The Legion Charges Your Phone in No Time Meter

You have to go out fast and you forgot to charge your Smartphone? This is quite annoying! But there’s help for you! The Kickstarter project Legion meter charges the battery of a Smartphone reportedly up to 92 percent faster than the power supplies corresponding to the mobile. And on top of that, it works as a multimeter.

Mobile accessories Legion metres from PLX devices is dealing with a multimeter if you connect via USB to your phone and which you can use to measure voltage and resistance. What makes the part but also for non-techies, is the fact that you can use the Legion m also, the manages up to 92 percent of Android smartphones, to battery download a tablet or an iPhone – and load faster than it creates the power supply of the respective cell phones.

The Legion has an OLED display that shows the wattage and the current and the voltage at the port meters. The display should to see but also the capacity of the battery, the Legion is to download meter. On the one hand, the Legion has a USB plug meters and on the other a USB connector. Connect to do the Legion metres between the charger or the PC and the Smartphone or tablet. The company PLX devices according to the reached Legion of meters faster loading times, because’s the Smartphone adapts the current and the voltage, which is to be loaded. Loads an iPhone 4s, for example, with 2.6 Watt, connecting it to a computer via USB, so it should be possible meters with the Legion, to download the iPhone 4S at 5 watts. How long takes the Legion meters to charge a mobile phone varies from device to device. The Legion should come at the end of the year for about $70 on the market meter.

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