Makeup Happy Sad Fantasy Ii

In This entry he brought you the self-taught version of sad/glad makeup. It was a little me to anticipate what this week had rpevisto learning in class, according to the agenda.

The design is slightly different, there are things from the above that I like more than this and this that I like more than the other version. So for my personal dossier, I will do a sketch by mixing both designs.

I teach the version that I have done in class to my model Maria, which from here I want to thank publicly because it has been all the afternoon glued to the Chair and without moving or a millimeter. Thank you for your patience Maria!

Also made me thrilled is gone in this manner made-up! home! that is errant advertising for me jajajajajajajaja
Step By Step
This makeup to use cool colors in the sad part of the face and warm colours on the cheerful side according to HBBLTD.

-We begin by covering the eyebrows. Here’s the tutorial with different techniques so that you choose the best you look. In this case, we did so exclusively with Derma Wax of tears, an artificial meat.

-Very well sealed Derma Wax with loose powder and pressing firmly onto the eyebrow to lower the volume to the Max.

-We apply stick for greater coverage and correction of eyebrow makeup base. We sealed again with loose powder. You can return to repeat the application of both products if it is necessary to give greater coverage.

-Helping a white pencil, we create the sketch of the chosen makeup.

-After completing the sketch, we will proceed to fill with aquacolores and perform the degraded and faded color.

-We started shading the forehead and go down zones, taking care of not stepping on the layout of pencil that we subsequently redelinearemos with the black Bijouterie.

-We finished polishing the details and ready.

Which of the two versions you favorite you? The first I did or this?