Matilde’s Kitchen: Baked Apples + Nuts

I was very happy with the invitation of Bia to write in the findings, first because I love the blog and then because the big joke of the Internet is to share. So I’m very happy to be able to share a little bit of my love for food and my adventures in the Kitchen of Mathilde -affectionately name chosen for the my little corner.BAKED APPLES WITH NUTS | FAKE APPLE TART

I made these apples for the first time to a group of friends. It was a dinner on a weekday and I needed a quickie dessert because I had little time, so, I thought I’d bake the apples with nuts and honey, a flawless and healthy combination. What I find most Nice in it, besides simplicity and being a dessert very cute, is that the result is a “fake” Apple Tart, fruit pulp, ends up doing the times, with more flavor and less calories according to Good appetite!

2 gala apples.
2 spoons (soup) of mixed nuts of your choice. I used walnuts, almonds and pistachios.
2 spoons (dessert) of raisins.
2 spoons (dessert).
2 Tablespoons (tea) of unsalted butter.
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

1. With a small knife, make a hole in the top of the Apple and remove the seeds. With the help of a teaspoon scrape the Apple from the inside and remove some of the pulp, forming a Cup.
2. Put the grapes pass at the bottom of each Apple. This avoids that they burn with the exposure to the heat of the oven.
3. Cover the raisins with the mix of nuts.
4. add butter and then drizzle with the honey. Bake medium brown and serve with the ice cream.

Variations on the same theme
Replace the Apple a PEAR or Peach. In this case instead of opening over, cut the peaches in half and dig the two halves to include the nuts.
Replace the raisins for dried figs, dates, apricots.
Replace the ice cream by ice cream artisan honey or yogurt.

My mother said that awaits me with that delicious! Hmmm …!