Maxi Coats, Trench Coats and Parkas, Best Friend When Rain

“Are the waters of March closing the summer season and the promise of life in your heart…” As Tom Jobim said it rains a lot in March, the days are hot, nights with autumn and face in the middle of that storm that ends up with any look right? Wrong, today let’s talk about looks proper using super maxi coats, trench coats and parkas.

Look, it’s very difficult but I will try to summarize for you:

All kidding aside, we’re the coolest options for use with this type of coat that can and should be of a more fluid, less heavy fabric, after all our time is very tropical and a crepe, cupro, cotton, silk can be great for fall/winter, and summer, how about?


A nice Jean shorts is amazing with a long coat, can be a trench coat (those jackets with multiple pockets and buttons like these), or covers well fluid.

This option is great for the little ones because it shows enough skin and stretches the silhouette even with the visually heavier coat. If you have big bust combines with V-neckline


Yes, that your basic jeans, ripped, skinny or flare up, is modern, and well, it’s the street clothes wearable, practice and that looks great right?=I’m biased, I love!)


I’m suspicious because the shoe stuck in my life in an amazing way, lol …

If you like something more casual bet on white version of tennis, if you want something more sophisticated choice a slip on spout more elongated as in the example below, you can fit up to work on Friday. So chic!!


Ah.. Super sexy and fashion play with the proportions, heavier and closed on top, with the fingers out at the bottom. Super suitable for this time, Demi-season.

Bet without fear, the Sandals of strips thin, thick, until the flats.


That’s right, take that big coat and use it as a dress. In addition to multiply the possibilities of your closet you will pan out into a sexy and cool, how about?


The short-barreled Bootie WINS space between the over the knee that was the great fever last winter. This is match shorts, pants, skirts and dresses with these little boots, is amazing, and still current fashion – so uncomplicated, of course!

In addition to the links that I put here, has several options of these jackets and covers in the stores of fast fahsion, in ZARA, C&A, Renner (I put here–but personally must have several other options), Marisa, Riachuelo, all of these will make sure that jacket.

The MAXI trend back so strong, you can bet without fear, the last thing we see is that runways and will continue for a long time, and a piece that is going to be super in your day to day practice, yet it’s a trend!