Microsoft’s Lumia 730 Shoots The Biggest Selfie In The World

Microsoft has taken the largest Selfie in the world in Bangladesh: at least 1151 people should be 730 to see on the front camera shot of the Lumia as initiator Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh on his Facebook profile.

Microsoft of course already had called in advance to the event and attracted with the draw of prizes and celebrity testimonials – in addition to the views to be part of the record Selfies. On Saturday, November 22, 2014, gathered the necessary crowd before the Bashundhara City shopping mall in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. The photo was taken by model and “Selfie Queen” SAFA Kabir with a 730 Lumia, dedicated to all shooting self portraits with his 5-MP front-facing camera and wide angle optics.

Lumia 730 With Wide Angle-Selfie Camera

The wide angle played an important role will have when the claim by Microsoft, to record the “biggest Selfie with the most recognizable faces” quite. Because Selfies are taken often enough with more people on a picture – for example, by sports fans in sold-out stadiums and musicians on Festival stages, each with an audience of potentially several thousand people in the back. Thanks to the wide angle lens, the Lumia 730 gets more faces in sufficient proximity to the screen than conventional front cameras – as well as the almost identical Lumia 735. Whether the snapshot but actually all 1151 faces to recognize are, not once. A Guinness record is at Microsoft’s event anyway at any point.

Microsoft's Lumia 730 Shoots The Biggest Selfie In The World