More Leaks Show Smart Pause and a Floating Control Type System Air View

If the rate of leakage continues at this level, few new things you can teach us Jeremy Pack when it opens. We already knew that the majority of He new was going to carry the premium suite Samsung to launch with the TouchWiz from its new S4 Galaxy, so here we have two new features.

Perhaps sound to most, since we speak of Smart Pause and a system of floating touch control type Air View, both functional perfectly and videotaped so that you can take a closer look.

The first of these we know how it works, and is the new flagship of Samsung will be attentive to our eyes to stop the playback of videos when we don’t look at the device. This will be one of the new features of visual control that had been rumored.

The other is more innovative, but to those who use the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Note 10.1 tablet already sound them, because it is a floating touch control system that displays extended information when passing the finger over a contact, a link, an image, etc. Something very similar to the Air View of the S-Pen function but without a S-Pen.

The videos, we we leave here same: