Project Glass: Google’s Bet on Augmented Reality

In terms of augmented reality, yet there is no service or use widely adopted this technology, most of what we see today are testing prototypes or applications on smartphones that do not gain much attention or canvass few users. But when a company the size Google creates an initiative around this technology is well able that she finally takes off. The name of this initiative is Project Glass.

The announcement was made ​​by the Project Glass team of developers on Google+ , where they say they want to create a technology that serves to “help you share and explore the world” and also ask for advice on where to focus. The glasses shown in the picture up there, they said, are “how technology can be [implemented]” and are not prototypes yet.

The team of engineers also made the video below showing how it should work.

(Video on YouTube)

If you are going to be successful, we do not know. The potential is great but what they show in the video is something that requires a lot of work to be implemented and, therefore, I think it’s a little far from becoming a reality. Maybe if they integrate with smartphones Android in some way, the process can be faster. But that’s just my speculation.

What I mean is: Google has time, money and manpower to be able to launch such a project in the market even in this generation. And I hope they do.