Recipe:Grilled Neck Pork Chops and Pork Ribs

Neck karbonaden (neck chops) have a habit on the charcoal grill more black than to be cooking or tasty. Is the secret recipe, which prepare excellent already on the previous day or at lunch can be: in the pressure cooker * with instant vegetable stock 15 to a maximum of 20 minutes (depending on thickness) before cooking.

The neck chops or neck karbonaden (no upstream marinated buy!) gray look after cooking in a pressure cooker, this is totally normal. The chops get beautiful color on the charcoal grill * or gas Grill *. The advantage is that the Karbonaden at the barbecue must be only Brown, because they are already cooked. Another advantage is that the excess fat, which stinks on the grill just in front of him and bothers the neighbors, has already left the meat during steaming.

Before cooking in a pressure cooker is also excellently suitable for pork ribs. Who, however, so far only raw put pork ribs on the grill, is wondering how the ribs can actually taste: delicate and crispy or crunchy. And the meat can be easily solved from the bone and makes it very easy eating with the fingers or hands.

After barbecuing, you have a super delicate neck Carbonade or ribs on the plate. Also the previous placing in the best marinade can not beat the delicacy. The grilled meat is flavored to taste or it brings to the barbecue is a homemade sauce, preferably in a large bowl, because the following homemade barbecue sauce goes away like hotcakes.

Make barbecue sauce itself: here the recipe for a delicious hot sauce
  • Tomato ketchup,
  • Garlic after feeling and taste,
  • Chili peppers (fresh or from a glass).
  • Jalapeno (fresh or from a glass).
  • finely chopped shallots,
  • Curry,
  • Paprika (powder, sweet or spicy Roses),.
  • Pepper,
  • Salt (pinch) and
  • Honey (liquid) – very important!

As a result the sweetness of honey next to the sharpness should delight alike. As ketchup, I take always the good of “Heinz”. I’ve tried already several other brands of ketchup, but the result was somehow “different”.

The sauce is also excellent for Curry-sausage, pork neck-chops and pork ribs.