Rod Stewart, Vitality 66-Year-Old Fashionista

The 66-year-old singer is a whirlwind and not just musically, Rod Stewart, with more than 250 million records sold worldwide, is one of the artists who sold more albums in the history of music, but in the same way is a man with a personal style very characteristic of a star like him who shines with its own light.

The London singer can boast of maintaining a privileged voice that allows you to continue giving concerts with energy, that removes the hiccups, and so not neglecting its costumes, always aware of the latest trends in fashion, as are its bold and surprising costumes.

The British artist has desmostado his career that the styling is a very important part of their shows. Wearing three different looks cutting edge trend we could see him in one of his last direct in the English town of Newbury.

A first set of tailoring formed by game black trousers with a shirt more one Blue American of metallic finish combined with the tie. A second much more daring outfit if possible, which left staff speechless was this second Wild silk costume in Fuchsia.

And a third style of the most avant-garde, in which the British musician did not hesitate to put one Blazer stamping with the traditional tartan pictures of Scottish origin, combined with a Polka dot shirt, in a friendly game of prints. Sense of humour, vitality and strength above the stage and a style that exudes art on all four sides, just typical of those who are and feel great on and off the stage.