Samsung Prepares a Mini IMS Galaxy after Galaxy SIV Would Arrive Shortly

Android media machinery moves with speed when we speak Samsung, and are the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world and its Galaxy range today best-known terminals of the Android platform. Samsung Galaxy SIV is growing closer, and the rumours do not stop to her around.

It is nothing we have seen how the latest speculations are running a presentation in New York on 14 March, and also refers to a SIV Galaxy Mini, that it would as a replacement for the current Galaxy Mini SIII keeping their claims.

Apparently, a smaller and less expensive flagship version mark it would see the light, and would do so in may, a month after the sale of the SIV Galaxy, is expected for April.

The differences would be again remarkable, as is currently the case, but the new SIV Galaxy Mini updated to offer a quality mid-range alternative, Although obviously vastly inferior to his brother’s high range.

We have always said that we little understand a terminal of mid-range between the Galaxy S, which are the best of the catalog of Samsung, especially knowing that the Korean manufacturer already has similar terminals with other nomenclatures.

Of course, this information are still rumors, so it should not take it to the letter. The idea of the Galaxy Mini S like you?