Samsung, the Mockery and the Truth

In the presentation of the Samsung S6 Edge, the company has claimed that the smartphone does not bend, and thus made fun of Apple. But in a test everything is completely different.

Samsung, the Mockery and the Truth

As the insurer Squaretrade has proven, the S6 Edge bends nevertheless nevertheless under less load than the iPhone 6. For iPhone disciples, of course, a found eating, for the normal user however no reason for concern. Because to bend a mobile phone, high forces have to work on the device-and they are simply not reached in normal everyday life. Even if you sit on the smartphone, nothing should happen.

The Video

In the following video you can see very well which devices are necessary to really bend such a smartphone:

Samsung, the Mockery and the Truth 1

Nevertheless, Samsung’s statement that the smartphone does not bend has a slight taste. Because if a manufacturer makes such a statement, then the smartphone really should not bend. But this is hardly possible with such forces. It would have been much more realistic, Samsung would have said, it does not bend in normal everyday life. But that would mean smaller buns to bake, and the two big rivals just can not. It is one of the companies to think big and to announce and to annoy each other.

Winner And Loser

Samsung, the Mockery and the Truth 2

The real winner in this case is Squaretrade. With more than 1.5 million clicks, the video is once again good PR for the mobile phone insurer, who just makes money to insure mobile phones. To show the mobile phone can bend, surely promotes the inflow of new customers.

However, Samsung has now reacted and produced its own  video, in which the S6 and the S6 Edge are subjected to a bending test. The result is almost the same: both devices bend under a pressure of about forty kilograms, but still work. Even the glass does not break.

Samsung, the Mockery and the Truth 3

The fear about your own smartphone is thus completely unauthorized, since only rarely bend mobile phones in everyday use.Also I know no one, whose iPhone 6 Plus has ever bent. Even my did not bend back then, although I sat on it.