Sony Xperia Xperia Go and S Will Receive Jelly Bean in May, at Least in France

It is the never ending story for Sony Mobile leads dizzy Partridge with the update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Xperia Xperia and go from months ago. As always, the customizations involve delays and users are increasingly more unhappy for the delay in an update to be announced months ago.

However, it seems the wait is about to come to an end, and is that, although they are not official confirmations by Sony, the French operator SFR has leaked a roadmap where You can see the update plans models in its catalogue.

Xperia S and Xperia go are among devices shown, and the dates listed for the first of them indicate that you updated in may, while the Xperia go will receive the update a little bit earlier, at the end of April.

Obviously, a French tour operator information speaks of its own market, so the dates may vary for our country, although counting updates for operators tend to arrive later for free models, the truth is that these updates could be close already be released.

Remember that Sony often take calmly the subject of updates, not in vain promised that the Xperia Z would be updated in their first month of life Android 4.2 and still the flagship users expect this update, even if Finally it is often end up fulfilling their promises Update.