T6 Is The Codename of The Future Phablets of HTC

Rumors appeared in the last few weeks we spoke of a possible competitor of the range Samsung Galaxy Note developed by HTC. Now it has been discovered a fact more than it seems to confirm the imminent appearance of these future phablets.

The @evleaks Twitter account, very well known and reputed for having advanced details of numerous devices on other occasions, has indicated now that those phablet they have as name in code HTC T6.

Although T6 “6” could refer to the diagonal of the screen, it is true that previous names in code of HTC devices they were not references in that section. For example, the codename of the HTC One was HTC M7, while the theoretical “mini” version of the current ends franchise’s name in key M4.

In addition to this data list of references that a Japanese site dedicated to the terminals of HTC has published on the possible versions of the HTC T6. According to those data, There would be at least 5 variants that would give support to various networks (all except one endure LTE, for example).

Taking into account the success of the phablets, it will be interesting to see what is the capacity of a solution that is expected to take the best of the HTC One but taking advantage of also a larger size of screen.