Ten Wrist Watches Under 1,000 Euros For The Modern Man

In August last year, I presented nine stylish wristwatches under 200 Euro at Maenner-Style.de, which can be worn both in their everyday work and in their spare time. The feedback to this was consistently positive, so I thought about getting a price class higher. This article is devoted to ten wristwatches under 1,000 euros for the modern man.

You can watch the wrist watches presented by me as a daily companion or accessory for special moments. Even as a basis for your own wristwatch collection, if you want to start one, some of the models qualify. To the right combination with your outfit I canrecommend you this post before we devote ourselves to the ten wrist watches under 1,000 euros.

Tag Heuer-Formula 1 41 Quartz Black Dial Steel

I would like to start the presentation of my ten watches under 1,000 euros with the TAG Heuer-Formula 1 41 Quartz Black Dial Steel. This is a watch with quartz movement, which is housed in a housing with a diameter of 41 mm. The watch itself is based on stainless steel on the case as well as on the tape.

The single-sided rotating bezel made of stainless steel with black titanium carbide coating in black makes the watch from TAG Heuer an eye-catcher. Since the latter appears much more prominent by the lunet than if it were also held in silver. The time indicator itself comes with a water-tightness of 20 ATM, which corresponds to a water depth of 200 meters. From my point of view a good choice for the leisure time or rather casual, casual outfits.

Tissot-T-Touch 45 Quartz Solar

If you work hard on my lifestyle Sundays, it should already be noticed that I like the Tissot watches very much. This item, theTissot T-Touch 45 Quartz Solar, I find personally however anything but stylish. The shape of the case of the T-Touch 45 Quartz Solar, as well as the bright, orange rubber bracelet, which is attached to the housing with a diameter of 45 mm, is certainly striking.

However, with this watch the design factor plays rather a subordinate role. The focus is on their function. This is a wristwatch, which has a touch screen and provides more than twenty functions. Including weather forecast, a second time zone as well as a compass. This makes this specimen an ideal companion for hikes and roadtrips. Because you should always find the way home.

Tag Heuer-Formula 1 43 Quartz Chronograph

The TAG Heuer-Formula 1 43 Quartz Chronograph is no less striking than the TAG Heuer-Formula 1 41 Quartz Black Dial Steel .In my opinion even more a bit noticeable. This is definitely due to the fact that the case has a slightly larger diameter of 43 mm, the Formula 1 43 Quartz Chronograph is now also the dial in black.Which fits well with the sporty look of the watch.

This is supported by the black caoutchouc, which continues the dark hue of the watch. If, in the first TAG Heuer, the color black was used as an accent in this article, the case in this case is rather the case of stainless steel of the dark color. A very sporty time indicator, which fits well with sporty dressed outfits well.

Junghans-Max Bill 38 Automatic Leather

One of the watches, which I do not have to think about long, whether I would buy it or not, is the Junghans-Max Bill 38 Automatic Leather. Simple, elegant not overload, exactly meets my taste. Would certainly be my daily companion and makes both the shirt and the T-shirt a good figure. There is no deliberate overloading of the design, digits do not show up at all, as well as no date display can be found. Pure minimalism!

Junghans-Max Bill 38 Automatic Date

The Max Bill 38 Automatic Date also comes from Junghans. This designer is also responsible for the design, architect, sculptor and product designer Max Bill. However, the design at this time indicator is a trace less minimalist. The digits are clearly visible, a date display is also available at 3 o’clock. For me, this item would rather fit into a casual, casual outfit. Since the clock, compared to the previous Max Bill but a trace too conspicuous. But is certainly taste!

Hamilton-Pan Europ 42 Automatic Blue Dial

With the Hamilton-Pan Europ 42 Automatic Blue Dial , the flavors will surely divorce. One thing in advance, this watch does not appeal at all. Too sporty, too conspicuous and easy a trace too present at the wrist. What can be held for the red accents in the leather bracelet-at least I thought so-turns out to be a hole in the bracelet on closer inspection, which gives a look at the red textile coating on the underside of the bracelet.

Thanks to a power reserve of 80 hours, the Hamilton automatic watch will run for more than three days when you place it fully up.Despite a diameter of 42 mm, the dial and the elements located thereon appear to be slightly squat. Convinced me not quite, however, is among the top ten of the wrist watches below 1,000 euros at Montredo.

Longines-Hydro Conquest

The Longines-Hydro Conquest is now followed by a wristwatch, which already meets my taste. Bracelet silver stainless steel meets bezel of stainless steel. Thanks to large digits, the time can be easily read off, due to the white color of the watch, despite its diameter of 39 mm, the watch is relatively large. Fits beautifully to a sporty, casual dressed outfit and would be worn with me especially in the spare time.

Hamilton-Khaki Field 42 Titanium Black

The Hamilton – Khaki Field 42 Titanium Black is the result of a grained texturial bracelet . Otherwise, this watch comes extremely cautiously. Color is concentrated on black and white, without further accents. The dial of the automatic watch does not overload despite display 12h / 24h as well as date display. No clock I would wear to a Black-Tie event, to the social evening with the guys or on the casual Friday in the office but definitely an option.

Frederique Constant-Classics Index 40 Automatic

With the Frederique Constant-Classics Index 40 Automatic my personal number is two of the wristwatches under 1,000 euros. This follows directly on the Junghans – Max Bill 38 Automatic Leather.Frederique Constant convinced me of the simple design and the clever combination of black, white and silver in the color of the watch. The dial does not look overloaded, the black leather strap gives an elegant character and all in all the clock is simply harmonious.

Tissot-Visodate Automatic

In my opinion, the Tissot – Visodate Automatic is a classic. An elgant wrist watch, which makes a good figure in the office as well as in the black-tie outfit. If you put on a brown, rather than a black leather strap, the watch gets a slightly more casual character and also makes a good figure for the combination of jeans and a T-shirt.An extremely versatile copy.

The housing comes with a diameter of 40 mm almost petite, as one is used to it from a rather elegant wristwatch. The label Tissot Visodate is clearly visible below the twelve o’clock position, the day/date display is at 3 o’clock. Personally, I would like this copy still a tick better if one had renounced the Tissot lettering, since the dial comes a little overcharged.

The basis for my decision for these ten wristwatches under 1,000 euros, was a recent evaluation of the watchfulness of the Montredo.com visitors in this price segment. From there also the integrated photos of the clocks are taken. So quietly times when you are looking for further interesting time indicators.