The Best Street Style of The Week (LXIII)

One more week we come back with one of our most mythical sections, a selection of the most inspiring images of the best looks of a street. We have diving into the network and these are some of the streetstyles than we have motivated, we tell you the because.

Bobby is an old acquaintance of Mensencia, this young blogger and student of fashion’s only 21 years old, works all her looks as if of own fashion editorials She is treated. Each week on his blog updated their outfits and but not only that but also explaining them in detail with panels of trends.

This is one of their latest looks very to the point of the safari, so boom this summer season trend. A shirt beige of Saharan Court, simply combined with a skinny jeans in worn gray and as perfect a fedora Hat in tone arena. The cool touch gives it an old camera, that could well have it carried at the time any Explorer by African Lands.


Jon is an artist based in London who surprises us with this outfit inspired by the Hawaiian style which we are just talking about a few days ago. Her look is formed by a shirt vintage in tone red color, with prints in gold and scarf neck game, Jon combines a Bermuda’s pictures Prince of Wales in gray, a Cap in camel color and one sunglasses marked air retro with crystals in reddish tone. A classical and urban Vans sneakers Rounding out its bold styling.

Style radicalemnte Cambianos and we’re going to Lisbon with this outfit marked air MoD, the sixties style It is full of topical and protagonist nuuestro perfectly suited to your figure. A haircut very in keeping with the style chosen, consisting of a charcoal grey suit with American double breasted, combining with a Polo Black in detail in red, and to complete the total look of a silk handkerchief on the black and white tab.

We continue with proposals for tailoring this time with Adrian, a Spanish a few years living in England, and is also one of the usual Street blogs, by their proposed smart but at the same time with a very modern touch.

The blogger and student has chosen for the occasion a costume pictures Silhouette very Slim of ASOs, the truth feels like a glove, a shirt Slim-fit also in white with one thin black tie, good subject with silver PIN. Accessories go you as ring finger, a Bowler Hat more black ones classic lace-up shoes they complete their proposal.

We’re going to Amsterdam one of the cradles of fashion cool of the moment with Samuel, a graphic designer, fond of jazz music, as demonstrated with this total styling based vintage clothing.

A American cross white, combined with a few dress pants in black to match the shoes, a shirt in tile color plus one bow tie Black, are the key items of his attire. To give a more total air to the whole Samuel has opted for one hat black, round glasses and an imposing wooden staff carved and painted.

We ended up with a look of Collegiate the hand of the great Sartorialist which this week proposed a very youthful styling that some Chinese adjusted and fishing in a roasted tone, combined with a short-sleeved white shirt and tie game Brown scale, are the key items. Classic rounded toe shoes and a portfolio of ochre-coloured skin put the Cherry to this cinema style 100 retro.