The UltraPixels of HTC Will Also Reach The Middle Range

One of the most striking features of the HTC One is its camera, promising on paper, but we hope that in practice it translates into an improvement of the quality of the images and video. I have already talked about the technology behind it, known as Ultrapixels, which didn’t think was going to come out in other terminals in the House.

Well, in other high-end terminals would be his sense, but take it to the range medium, it’s something that we didn’t expect. Is precisely what tells Phil Robertson, HTC in United Kingdom and Ireland, in statements at Omio.

It seems that you it’s a technology that does not have to spend more on modules, and therefore be reserved to high range speaker. We will see in future mid-range HTC, that they will at least have dual-core inside. The idea is to transport it to many more products possible, and although it is early to do this, there would also be potential range of access terminals.

Comparing the way with the taken by Nokia, another company that is especially pampering the section photo, Finns leave Pureview for the higher ranges, and have not too extended the use of the mark in the rest of the range. In the case of Nokia thank you do not do it for free, and hope that for HTC, it is done in the same way.