Tube Led Philips Ultra Output T8 20-36W 6500K 2500 Lm

Consumption: 20W (19.4-measured 20W)

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: 36W

Lumens: 2500

Color: 6500K

Angle: 150 degrees

Power factor: 0.95 (measured 1.0)

CRI: 83

Adjustable: No

Swivel: Yes

Dimensions: 1200 x 26 mm

Long opal diffuser: 107.5 cm

Duration: 40000 hours (> = 50000 ignitions)

Price: €36.29 (down to €20.61)

Source: lamparadirecta (China)

Same tube Masterled Philips “Ultra Output” already commented on this blog, but with temperature of 6500 K color (cool white), best suited for example to install it in a kitchen as I did.

The characteristics of the tube are the same already discussed so I will not repeat them.

Ranking of bulbs is below the other tube led “Ultra Output” which was of colour temperature 4000 K (neutral white), probably because the light meter I have will be calibrated to a temperature of 2700K, but I can assure that the intensity of light that gives this tube is not comparable to that of any other tube of another brand that has been tested.

I have installed two of these tubes to replace the fluorescent lights of the kitchen and the result is that it improves the intensity of light at all points of the kitchen except in the part of the roof where the tubes are running (since the ends of these pipes are large enough).

It may take many, many years on to pay off the more than €70 which have cost me these two tubes, but change the kitchen lights up perfectly, ignited instantly, there is no flicker or hum, and total consumption is reduced to 40W from approximately-90W which consumed the fluorescent 36W with their respective ballasts 2.

For my part, I can only say that if you want to make the same change in the kitchen, which is a site where you need good amount of light, these tubes Philips “Ultra Output” are the ideal.