Twitter Announces Redesign the Web Version and Mobile Applications

In September 2010, Twitter announced that it would change the layout of your home page, creating a more fluid experience for users. The site also won viewing media and videos, in addition to also support the larger screen patterns. Today, for the second time in little over a year, Twitter announced that it will redesign the site again.

Behold below a preview of how it will stay.

The new design has four main sessions and that will give access to, respectively, your timeline, mentions (now turned “connect”), bookmarks and profile. Apparently they were inspired by the iPad application to produce the redesign, which is a bit “Inception” as the current design has been imported into the iPad application. See below another group screenshots of how it should be.

The difference between this redesign is indeed in applications. This is the first time that the redesign of the Twitter web accompanies both the official program for Android as iOS.

Right away, the first complaint of them is that the DMs were hidden, as now to be accessed is necessary to go in the profile. And there is also no longer as mark all DMs as read, which is something I used enough. But the applications also bring news: now you can see retweets and favorites on the “connect” and the bookmarks tab came to display media files.

Below is a collection of screenshots of both versions.

As always, the redesign will be implemented gradually within the next few weeks. But those who want to see it immediately can already download the updated versions of official applications in their stores of Android and iOS. Who has an iPad, however, will be sucking finger: this version of the application does not get the new design yet. Get down there a video that shows how the new twitter will work.

(Video on YouTube)

The old version of the site stopped working in August and apparently since the new layout is being worked on.

Learn more about the new redesign of Twitter this site, created specifically to show the changes. So, you like it?

Upgrade to 17:14 | You do not want to wait to get access to the new version? Easy: make the download of one of the applications, it does not matter whether it is for or Android or iOS, sign them and then access the web version. There, in logout your account and log in again. After refreshing the page, the new layout will be shown.

It does not seem to always work, but it worked for me! Test there and say if it worked for you.